Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lots of feelings

261 Moore St, Brooklyn (Bushwick sick)

Self-imposed late pass. My first time to try Roberta's. I went with Mimi and her roommate Thom this weekend - Caturday was sunny and nice, so we biked out there and shared a bunch of pizzas.

There was a 40 min wait so we had some drinks at the bar. The bloody marys are pretty damn good - it's not just straight up warm juice from a can diddled in some ice cubes. This is mixed well with Tabasco, horseradish, etc etc and served with a pickled jalapeno in a mason jar.

Bee Sting at Roberta's
This is the Bee Sting, with soppresatta and honey (get it, bees). The honey was unexpected but not too sweet. I used to hate pizza for the longest time. Mostly because all I ate was Domino's (college days) but also because it's so much melted cheese! This had the perfect amount.

Millennium Falco at Roberta's
Millenium Falco, with Berkshire pork sausage. I dunno, that's kind of like making a burger out of filet mignon but it was pretty damn tasty.

We also ordered a calzone with prosciutto and pesto inside. My first calzone ever! Now all future calzones will have to live up to this one. If I wasn't trying to be polite I would've skipped the knife/fork and just doublefisted it into my mouth.

Most Neapolitan style pizzas (thin crust) get soggy. At Eataly they will warn you of this. At Roberta's there are no excuses. Because they don't need any. No sog, and I actually tried to eat all of my crusts. THAT MEANS SOMETHING!

Anyway if you can stand the wait this place is definitely worth the trip out to Bushwick. Just look for the string of sparkly stilletos and sneakers hanging from a wire. You'll know you're home.

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Christian said...

We were here on Saturday too, though before any wait piled up. This place--with its bench seating and the clothing choices of its patrons--is the plumber butt capital of NYC.