Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday night she-na-ni-gans

Gahm mi ok with L18, originally uploaded by lazysundae.

Gahm Mi Oak
Korea town

I haven't been here in a long time - last time was birthday sul long tang with Ryan, I think.

Tonight I went with a small crew from work, Sam, Andrew & Jonathan. Sam had been talking up "sundae" which is korean blood sausage made with sweet potato noodles. "Hug in your mouth" he said. "WTF" I replied. Then I dipped it in a bit of chili salt and stuck it in my mouth. What ensued was warm, meaty, huggy goodness. It fills your mouth with a rich softness - I've never eaten anything like it.

Pictured is the large pork plate we shared, blood sausage on the top, pork knuckle at the bottom, pig ears, liver and cheek in the middle.

We each had a bowl of sul long tang as well, that comforting beef bone soup with noodles and rice. I wish I had an umma for sick/cold weather to make me this every night.

Next narf fest: breakfast at the Breslin with Mimi, Andrew & Sam. We get fat at work. It's how we do.

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