Sunday, January 16, 2011

I am the Mayor of Terakawa Ramen

18 Lexington Ave @ 23rd St (Flatiron/Gramercy)

Mayu ramen at Terakawa
Ricky told me about this spot, which opened just last year. It is much newer than Ippudo but they have somehow managed to make it look like it has been there for years, a dirty Tokyo ramen stall in the middle of the Flatiron district.

It's a short jaunt from work, and it's quick enough for me to be able to lunch out of the office. The first time I went I had the Mayu Ramen, which had roasted garlic oil. On the tables are sesame seed grinders, fried garlic shakers, chili powder, white pepper...

The broth was delicious and the noodles just the right amount of chewy.

We also ordered gyoza which appeared to be housemade. Perfect little dumplings with paper thin skins and juicy meaty insides.

Tantan men at Terakawa

I went again later that week with Seanpatrick who was in town for the new year. I had the Tantan Men, slightly different but still delicious. Ground beef, bean sprouts, scallions and curly noodles.

There's nothing better than a hot bowl of tasty ramen on a cold day.

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