Monday, October 04, 2010

Le Grand Fooding, Toronto

I went to Toronto for a semi work-related trip and stayed with Andrew. He knows what I like:

Charcuterie plate at The Black Hoof
Large charcuterie plate at The Black Hoof - all made in house

Roasted bone marrow @ The Black Hoof
Roasted bone marrow at The Black Hoof
Not pictured - fluke carpaccio, sweet breads with succotash

Dim sum at Crown Princess
Dim sum at Crown Princess. That shumai has foie gras and caviar on it! Also pictured: har gow, pumpkin congee, Buddhist delight (taro, king mushroom, pumpkin), chicken-peanut-veggie dumpings, octopus legs

Rice noodles with sirloin @ Crown Princess
Rice noodles with sirloin

Andrew cooking kale
Homecooking - red and green kale with oyster mushrooms, topped with the most delicious, rich poached eggs

I made roasted fennel
Roasted fennel (my contribution)

Spicy chicken wings
Spicy grilled wings

Pig Tail & Grits @ Hoof Cafe
Brunch at Hoof Cafe - this is pig tail with cheese grits and a poached egg

Tongue Grilled Cheese @ Hoof Cafe
Tongue grilled cheese (we really did nose to tail even if it was two different animals)

Franks & Beans at Hoof Cafe
Franks & beans

Strawberry jam-bone marrow donuts at Hoof Cafe
Fried donuts with bone marrow and strawberry jam

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