Monday, September 27, 2010

Kuro-kuro rock

Hide-Chan Ramen
248 E 52nd St (Midtown east)

Kuro Ramen at Hide-Chan

This is a long overdue post. We ate at Hide-Chan about a month ago, before seeing Blondie at Nokia theater. I'd heard about the Kuro Ramen, which had a flavorful black (roasted) garlic oil. Kuro means "black" in Japanese. On the menu you can choose the doneness of your noodles, from al-dente to soft. You can also choose the heaviness of your broth. If you look closely you can see floating globules of FAT in my broth. Delicious and tasty but after realizing this, a little sickening. I should've opted for the light broth.

The garlic flavor was strong but not overpowering. Slightly sweet and very salty. So salty in fact that I left there parched. I would like to go back one day to dry the modifications mentioned above. The noodles were very well done, slightly chewy with a bit of a snap to them.

Spicy Hakata Ramen at Hide-Chan

This is Alex's ramen, the spicy Hakata. Since he will probably never update this post, I can say that after eating mine, then tasting his, it was a little bland. Not to say it was tasteless, but that's just another testament to how salty mine was.

I definitely want to try their pork buns next time.

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