Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Stuff I ate last weekend

The Old Fig @ The General Greene

Moules Frites @ The General Greene

Green beans with walnuts, pickled shallots @ The General Greene

Hot Chop @ The General Greene

Ommegang Rare Vos @ The General Greene

Friday dinner at the General Greene. Consistently good at this time of day, brunch not so much. They've changed their format a bit, from smaller plates to a more traditional appetizer-then-entree type menu. While everything was delicious, it was a little pricey for what we got. For example my mussels - for the same price I would've gotten three times the amount at The Vanderbilt. You can crucify me about quality/cost of ingredients etc. but if it tastes the same for less elsewhere, I'm probably ordering it elsewhere next time.

Flea brunch

Salad from Brooklyn Grange and brisket sandwich from HNH. Oh the fatty goodness of moist brisket. The salad and other veggies and herbs were grown on a rooftop in Queens. This was the very first salad they had ever made. I stopped to order one and the guy behind the table was shoveling salad greens into his mouth. With his hand. He put together my salad (did he wash??) and the girl in charge instructed him to offer me cheese, which I accepted. He then broke off a piece and dumped it in my salad, to her horror, as she was holding out a microplane grater. He seemed confused, plucked the cheese out, gave it a go at grating, then gave up and tossed the cheese back into my salad. It was fine. It tasted like salad. The brisket sandwich, however, was salty-fatty-delicious in my mouth. No BBQ sauce needed or wanted.

This weekend, Andrew and Katie are coming from Toronto. Andrew hasn't been here since 2008 around this time. Back then he was still in culinary school. He's since staged in different kitchens and worked at a small butcher shop, to learn how to break down whole animals. Now he has opened a new restaurant with his friend called Lardon, which is pork-based. Of course we will be eating. Of course.

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