Saturday, June 19, 2010

Burgs for 2

Minetta Tavern
Ryan is getting married in 3 months and I'm poor as hell but we decided to have dinner out anyway at Minetta Tavern this past Wednesday.

Appetizer special @ Minetta Tavern
We sat at the bar after a 45 min wait and started with one of their salad specials. Dandelion greens topped with a light vinaigrette with a medium boiled egg, pork sausage, mushrooms and ... black truffle?? It was super delicious like a breakfast salad.

Black Label Burger @ Minetta Tavern
The highly-lauded Black Label burger, made from a special blend from Pat Lafrieda. We got this as is, no condiments or cheese. It came with caramelized onions on it and that's all it needed.

Black Label Burger @ Minetta Tavern
It was super flavorful and juicy - I was worried it was going to be very rich like the Irving Mill burger (beef cheeks and fat back!) but it was all pure dry aged beef.

They have Innis & Gunn in bottles here and it went really well with the burger. If you haven't tried this beer yet you must! Caramel-y and scotch-y. 

Minetta Burger @ Minetta Tavern
We also ordered the Minetta Burger to share, topped with cheddar. This one was also very good but nowhere near as juicy. In fact after tasting the BLB I wanted to throw this down on the floor. The cheese is unnecessary - I ended pulling about half of it off.

Bar scene
The bar scene. The couple next to Ryan was this sweet old couple who shared a gigantic NY strip (they completely destroyed it, then picked it up with their hands and gnawed at the bone) and then a big ass chocolate souffle for dessert, which you can see in the pic.

Definitely worth the hype.

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