Thursday, April 15, 2010

Scout's hunger

While poring over travel details and itineraries for my upcoming trip to Kenya, I can't help but worry about the food situation. I'm sure everything I eat will be fine, but it's the in-between times that I'm worried about. For one thing, I get very grouchy when I'm hungry. I also have a weird blood sugar thing where sometimes I'll start shaking - I'll break out into a cold sweat and then I feel like fainting. Nothing's been confirmed by my doctor even with multiple blood tests but I'm thinking I should come prepared with some healthy snacks just in case. I'll make a batch of these bars and hopefully I'll be good. I like this because it doesn't have any peanuts. I may add some slivered almonds for a some added protein. Generally when I feel my blood sugar drop, some Craisins will do the trick so I'm hoping these bars will help me over there - especially if we'll be building schools!

Recipe and photo from The Kitchn.

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