Wednesday, April 14, 2010

La Superior is Super

La Superior
Berry near S. 2nd (Williamsburg)

Salsa sampler at La Superior
I met Aaron here for dinner after a 3-year friendship hiatus. Due to circumstances beyond our control, he had fallen off the map and now that he's resurfaced we managed to finally catch up over spices and meat.

I'm super skeptical of eating "good" Mexican food in NYC - it just doesn't exist! But I'd heard good things about this place from friends who are from California so I figured they could be trusted.

We started with this salsa sampler. I have to admit, I gravitate towards the green sauces so I didn't really try the red ones. I liked that mint green one at 10 o'clock. The yellow-green one at 5 o'clock wasn't that tasty. And the one at 1 o'clock I never got to....

Tostada de pata at La Superior
Because my tostada came! This is the Tostada de Pata, a fried corn tortilla topped with greens, pig's feet, fresh cheese and pickled jalapenos. Just a drizzle of that green salsa and it was good to go. All the nubby, fatty bits of pig's feet that I love so much, without having to deal with foot bones. It's the little things in life, you know.

Tacos at La Superior
Some tacos - lengua (tongue) on the left and steak on the right. The lengua taco was just okay. I like the one at Tehuitzingo better as it's tastier and juicier. This was a little dry.

Side of pinto beans at La Superior
A side of pinto beans, simple and rich at the same time. Cooked in rendered bacon fat, mind you. I could tell because there were big chunks of bacon in it and it was slightly smokey but not too salty. I was always scared to eat pinto beans because I only knew them in their refried form. In this way they resembled the contents of a baby's diaper and never looked appetizing to me. These were the complete opposite and we ended up ditching the serivng spoon and eating straight out of the bowl like savages.

Tacos de Pescado at La Superior
Fish tacos! These were the best thing that we ate - the fish was super fresh and the sauce and spices had a bit of a bite but just enough to tickle the tongue. Slightly tomato-y - I'd order these again and again.

My hand-drawn medal
This is my medal, hand-drawn by Aaron for being the only friend of his to finish Song for the Blue Ocean by Carl Safina. It's a great read - highly recommended for fish eaters, fish enthusiasts and environmentalists. It's factual without being preachy and ends on a hopeful note.

So yeah - I'd go back! The table next to us ran out and got a couple bottles of beer so I think they are BYO. Otherwise they have Mexican sodas and aguas frescas - watermelon, lime, pineapple and prickly pear.

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