Sunday, April 11, 2010

Flea eats

This weekend the Brooklyn Flea came home to Bishop Laughlin in Fort Greene. It was a sunny Saturday and it was PACKED:

Mile End
Montreal bagels, cream cheese & lox from Mile End. Unfortunately I didn't get to try any but will be there next weekend to see once and for all what the damn hype is about Montreal bagels!

Porchetta reserves! I got there before Alex and wanted to make sure they had enough. They brought three of these pork loin-belly beauties with them, stuffed with savory sage-y goodness.

BK Soda works
I'd been wanting to try this. You can't see the third option but it's cucumber-lime-sea salt. At $4.25 for a small (12 oz?) it's pretty expensive. We tried the grapefruit-jalapeno-honey which I liked. They'll start selling growlers and bottles soon as well.

Stacks of pretzels

Gruyere-paprika pretzel
Homemade soft pretzels from Sigmund Pretzelshop! We got Gruyere-paprika but there was also classic sea salt, cinnamon raisin and poppy. There were also peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips and hard pretzels. AND homemade dipping sauces - wholegrain mustard, beet-horseradish mayo and others.

We also got our usual Mexican corn and watermelon juice from one of the Red Hook vendors. These lines continue to be the longest, as well as the lines for Asia Dog. Surprisingly, Porchetta's line was nearly non-existent.

It's amazing how many bread products we consumed but for mobile food, it's the best vessel. CARBOLOAD!!! I'll be there next week to sample different foods yay!

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