Sunday, April 04, 2010

Don't Google Hothouse

Peaches Hothouse
215 Tompkins Ave @ Hancock (Bed-Stuy)

This week I read about Peaches Hothouse on Brownstoner and immediately hit up Ying, who loves the existing Peaches on Lewis Ave. We drooled over the menu for a bit then decided to have dinner there this weekend with some friends:

Fried green tomatoes at Peaches Hothouse
Fried green tomatoes with some sort of aioli dressing, arugula and thick cut bacon. These were crusted in cornmeal and fried just right. They're not on the online menu but since they just opened two weeks ago they are still trying things out. I've only had this once before when I was in Kentucky, and these were much better.

BBQ Shrimp with Fried Grits at Peaches Hothouse
BBQ shrimp with fried grit cakes. I wasn't expecting the grits to look like tofu but the consistency was good - still mealy and soft on the inside but very crispy on the outside. I was expecting grilled shrimp but these came sauteed in a tomato-y BBQ sauce and looked very Asian.

Hanger Steak at Peaches Hothouse
Nick & David ordered the hanger steak, which came with hand cut fries and a grilled vidalia onion.

Low Country Rice Bowl at Peaches Hothouse
Ying & Laurea ordered the Low Country Rice Bowl which came with blue crab and corn. I tried some of Ying's - it could've used a little something. Maybe a touch of citrus salt.

Braised beef cheeks and grits at Peaches Hothouse
I ordered the Six-Hour Beef Cheeks & Grits. This came topped with shitake mushrooms and slivered snow peas. The cheeks were meaty, fatty and soft. Definitely hoping they keep this on the menu. It's deceptively filling!

Fried chicken with Mac/Cheese at Peaches Hothouse
Alex & Angel ordered the fried chicken with mac and cheese. The chicken came piled high on a piece of buttered, toasted Texas toast. The mac and cheese was more like a macaroni salad which I liked, and the fried chicken was very crisp and juicy. And slightly spicy!

For dessert there was strawberry shortcake and peach blueberry pie, which I only had tiny bites of. There was vanilla cream on everything, which made up for the lack of ice cream.

For now they are BYOB because they are waiting for their liquor license to come through. Beer and wine only! I would suggest a sparkler like Cava or Champagne to break up the greasiness of the fried foods. Delicate reds like merlot of pinot noir would not work here - go with big fruit!

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