Sunday, April 04, 2010

458 Bergen @ Flatbush (Park Slope, BK)

We walked over to Bark for dinner, arriving at around 7pm. It was our first time there - you order at the counter and then they call your name and/or bring the food out to you. Everything is sourced as locally as possible and trash receptacles are labeled to make for easier disposal. For them, anyway.

Though they are known for their hot dogs, we got their burgers which they have recently started serving. We also ordered a side of gravy fries:

Bark Cheeseburger & Gravy Fries (@ Bark)
Topped with Grafton cheddar, Bark sauce, red onions and bread & butter pickles, these didn't need much else. The bun (I'm guessing Pepperidge Farm, per the tent cards on each table that lists all their sources) was chewy and held up to the juices. The burger itself could've used a bit more salt. The fries were a bit soggy but the gravy was very good, reminiscent of the schnitzel mushroom gravy I had in Frankfurt.

I'd head there if I was back in the area I guess, I do want to try the hot dogs and pork sandwich. One funny thing, we didn't tip the cashier and we noticed that she brought everyone's food out but ours! She yelled out Alex's name and placed our tray on the side of the counter. If that's the price we pay for not tipping, who cares! You showed us.

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