Monday, March 08, 2010

Weird ears & Ed Levine

Fish & Grits at Pies n Thighs

Chicken & Waffles at Pies n Thighs

Key Lime Pie at Pies n Thighs

Apple Pie at Pies n Thighs

I'll let those photos sink in for a bit.

The much-awaited Pies n Thighs finally opened last Monday, much to the surprise and excitement of the hipster community. It was housed behind Rockstar Bar at S. 5th and Kent, a tiny outpost consisting of a tiny kitchen and outdoor seating area that could fit about 12 people.

This new spot is a full-on restaurant at S. 4th and Driggs, complete with Formica tables and mismatched chairs. A fairly large group of 7, we were sat after a 20 minute wait on a Saturday afternoon at 2pm. We even beat Ed Levine there - Ken spotted him meandering around outside after we were seated.

We all ordered with Chicken & Waffles or Fish & Grits. The Fish & Grits tasted like they had in the past - a crisp cornmeal crust and buttery, almost cheesy grits. Topped with a sauce that was almost Tabasco-like (not as spicy and much thicker), it was as I expected it to be. I was only able to taste a bite of the chicken skin and none of the waffles, sadly, so I will have to take a trip back there for another brunch and also for dinner. And for more pie. What is it with Americans and not sharing food?? It's very strange to me - what's the use of ordering different things if you can't taste it all?

The pies. Do you see how tiny they are? $4.50 for those tiny slices. The apple pie left much to be desired. As I'm not a fan of it to begin with, I wanted the trademark flaky crust and warm, gooey inside. What we got was a cold chunk of congealed apples in an almost soggy crust! How disappointing. The key lime pie fared much better, tart and creamy in a graham cracker crust. The edges of the crust were baked so that they were buttery and crispy - super delicious, but also super tiny!

Has anyone else eaten there yet? Do you think there are kinks to work out? Tell me what you think. I will be back, definitely, especially during blueberry season.


Jtrimmings said...

So I just ate here and had both the Chicken and Waffles and Fish and Grits. The fish was fried to perfection. The crust was light and crunchy and the fish was moist and flakey. It could have used more seasoning though. The grits were delicious and so where the eggs. But somehow, the grits, eggs, and fish altogether made my stomach feel a little uneasy. I had to stop and move on to the chicken. The chicken and waffles were excellent! A really superb delciious dish that I expected to be salty and greasy but was neither. My friend ordered the biscuits and gravy and they were delicious as well. I will definitely return.

lazysundae said...

That's so weird, I got the same kind of feeling but I thought it was just me. I get that feeling every time I eat fried/over easy eggs for brunch!

Jtrimmings said...

I usually can handle runny eggs as well, but I think with fish and the texture/consistency of the grits it all just felt wrong.