Sunday, March 28, 2010

There's no sangria at Saraghina

435 Halsey St (Bed-Stuy, BK)

I planned a Bed-Stuy date for us yesterday. We started out on the B25 headed east on Fulton St, disembarking at Malcolm X. There's a lot more out that way on Fulton, so we'll have to venture out more often - roti shops, Jamaican restaurants, tons of tshirt and hat shops, a basement record shop...

Our first stop was Brooklynite Gallery where we checked out a new exhibit and spoke to the owner Ray for a while. He's a native Brooklynite and a really nice guy. The gallery space is nice as well, small but with an outdoor space for installations.

We had an hour and a half before Saraghina opened for dinner, so we walked around the neighborhood then stopped in at Peaches for a drink at the bar. The hostess was a witch but once seated, the bartender took care of us. I had the Holla Back, which was basically a jalapeno margarita. It was a little sweet and had way too much lime! I wanted more jalapeno spice and tequila. Alex had peach-blueberry infused bourbon and we shared a small plate of buffalo wings. Those poor buffalo!

We headed to Saraghina at 6pm, which is when they supposedly open, but there were already a few parties seated! It's made to look like it has been there forever but because of how the neighborhood looks around it you can tell it is new. It's a weird feeling but it's very well done and looks awesome inside.

@ Saraghina
If you can see behind me, the walls and exposed beams and all structural woodwork are white, and all the tables and chairs are vintage and mismatched.

Since we had an appetizer at Peaches, we jumped straight into the pizzas. I wanted to try the burrata or grilled octopus, so maybe next time. They take their cue from the newer Neopolitan pizza joints and only offer six pizzas but they are different enough to elicit a struggle in decision making.

Buffalo e capocollo pizza at Saraghina
This is my pizza, the Capocollo. I love salumi baked on a pizza! It gets slightly crispy and oily and gives each bite a smoky saltiness. Delicious but I wouldn't say it's the best pizza I've had. Much better than Lombardi's or Grimaldi's though. The crust held up pretty well and the San Marzano tomato sauce was mild and fresh tasting - not too much garlic.

Prosciutto e funghi pizza at Saraghina
Alex's pizza, the Prosciutto e Funghi. This was good as well but I think we were both expecting the cured prosciutto. This needed a bit of salt.

Tiramisu at Saraghinaa
For dessert we decided on tiramisu. They misunderstood and brought us one each (oink oink!) but it was delicious. I don't know if you can tell, but there was a lot of cream on top. Every time I scooped up a piece, the cream filled the void. It was very rich without being too heavy or sweet, but I could not finish the whole thing.

So two pizzas, two desserts, a half carafe of house wine and a shot of espresso ran us about $66, not including tip. Not too bad but not Bed-Stuy prices either. The service was very friendly and prompt. Would love to go back to try more of the appetizers!

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