Sunday, March 28, 2010

Keepin you guessin

I'm scared this spot will become too crowded so I won't say where it is outright - it's in Flushing, Queens, and D & L took us there a couple of weeks ago. It's super modern and clean, and there is also a sauce station where you can mix your own, and get your own rice.

Chicken broth hot pot at Udu Cafe
There are about 8-10 different broths on the menu including a duck and kimchi option, but we opted for chicken...

...and super spicy. We asked for it to be super duper extra spicy. Here's the misconception about Szechuan hotpot - Szechuan peppercorns aren't really spicy! They make your mouth tingle, which makes you think your mouth is on fire. But if you calm down a sec, you realize it's not really, it's just numb.

We ordered plates of fresh veggies, Shanghai noodles, pork, cuttlefish, fishballs, short ribs, wood ear mushrooms... Everything was delicious and fresh - no freezer burn, no wilted anything. Very impressed.

Shaved ice with EVERYTHING at Udu Cafe
For dessert we going to split some shaved ice but our server told us they'd make a party-sized one with everything on it. Well here is almost everything (I would've loved to have ice cream and lychees as well!). Sorry to say, it ain't pretty but it sure is yummy! You're looking at sweet red beans, mung beans, taro, and other goodies.

Flushing is definitely a trek but you can make it worth it - go early and do a little shopping, then stop off at Corner 28 for some $1 Peking Duck buns. Or have dinner after watching the Mets (hmm...Ryan!!)

We were a party of 7 and all the food, the big dessert and beer came out to $31 per person including tip.

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