Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gnocchi-doke pt. 2

I saw this recipe in a newsletter I get from Cookstr - there were 10 different pasta recipes and I picked this one because it's similar to a pasta my old boss used to make (penne-tomatoes-fresh mozzarella-basil).

This one used smoked fresh mozzarella and green olives, as well as marjoram, an herb I've never used before. It's a little thyme-y. It's a Mario Batali recipe and can be seen here.

It came out super delicious - gnocchi is kind of hard to cook with because it goes gooey so fast. They were not by any means overcooked, but I feel like they can't really stand up to a good pan fry, to get the toasted outsides like I wanted.

I used the Whole Foods brand frozen gnocchi, which were okay. Would definitely make this again, perhaps with homemade gnocchi.

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