Friday, March 26, 2010

Cows have four stomachs

Socarrat Paella Bar
259 W 19 St (Chelsea)

Sophie's back from her travels, and that means girls night pig-out. Sophie, Erin, Jonna & I decided on Socarrat paella bar, located in Chelsea. On a Tuesday night there was an hour+ wait at 7:30pm, so we sat at the bar and had wine and tapas to start.

Jamon Iberico, with one lone piece of pan tomat. I could've eaten this all night. I'm a huge advocate of fatty and salty.
Another winner were the croquettes, tiny nuggets of pureed chorizo, mushroom and potato fried to a deep brown - surprisingly good and crispy on the outside.
We also ordered a giant sirloin empanada and sardines.

Paella Valenciana at Socarrat
This is the Paella Valenciana, with rabbit, snails and pork ribs. It was good, especially the bits of burnt rice at the bottom, but a little greasy for me.

Fideua at Socarrat
The Fideua, using short noodles instead of rice. With lima beans and seafood, this had the potential to be really awesome but again, a little too greasy. I'd never had paella this way before so this was a nice change.

Vanilla flan at Socarrat
Vanilla flan - tasting very faintly of vanilla. The custard was just right, not too dense.

Chocolate beignets at Socarrat
Chocolate beignets, their take on churros con chocolate, I'm assuming. The outsides were crisp, and insides hot and moist with MELTED CHOCOLATE.

I'd definitely go back but not for the paella. Tapas and dessert are winners here.

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