Monday, January 11, 2010

New year, new foods

In my goals for this year I've included a few things I would like to try to make. I've picked 12, one for each month. We start tonight, marinating the chicken for the first item:
  1. Filipino chicken adobo - I've asked my mom countless times for her recipe but as she cooks the way I do, there is no set formula. I've found one that sounds good and hope to perfect it before she visits in March.
  2. A vegetable terrine! Finally, something besides roasted veggies to serve my non-meat eating friends at parties. Because this is usually the bane of my party planning.
  3. Liver pate - I love eating it but hate buying it. I know how I want it to taste and it never tastes the way I want!
  4. Panna cotta. I need to get some ramekins for this!
  5. Chocolate covered potato chips, matcha chocolate, chocolate with almonds-thyme-lavender-sea salt-pepper. I hate chocolate but I'll eat these!
  6. More bread.
  7. Lemon curd. Something I saw in Saveur's latest issue.
  8. This fish sandwich.
  9. Homemade gnocchi.
  10. Pizza dough from scratch.
  11. Homemade chicken broth. I've roasted a chicken and used leftovers in chicken salad and soups, and also made gravy from the giblets. What's left to make is the broth.
  12. Some sort of bloody mary from scratch. As much as I love this brunch cocktail, I've never made it! I'm thinking tomato water, jalapeno ice cubes and....?
So friends in NYC, be prepared to be my test subjects. Lazysundae is trying not to be so lazy in the kitchen.

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