Saturday, January 30, 2010

Full metal douchebag

The Holly & Ivy at The Dove
Last night I met Alex at The Dove for some drinks before watching a movie. We had some wine and then I noticed that they added a new winter cocktail to their menu, the Holly & Ivy. It's bourbon muddled with cranberries, basil & sugar, the shaken with lime. It's dangerous because a) it's bourbon and b) SUPER DELICIOUS. Would love to try this at home.

Antipasti plate at 'ino
After the movie we went to 'ino. I've been coming here since I moved to New York going on 7 years ago and coming here is like coming home. The prices have gone up a bit, and they take credit cards now. Instead of a single piece of heavy paper for a menu they now have a shiny, tri-fold menu with explanations of ingredients, in case you've never had capicollo or taleggio before.

I got the usual antipasti platter, which comes with 2 kinds of cheeses, a hard one and a spreadable goat cheese with fennel fronds. Roasted garlic, gaeta olives, caponata, sweet balsamic onions, 2 kinds of salami, roasted red peppers, pate... It's been this way, with maybe a few seasonal variations, since my first visit there.

So I was sitting there enjoying the atmosphere, company, food. I glance over at the bar and notice an overweight, balding man with glasses staring in our direction and I nearly spit my wine out.

Five years ago, I was sitting at the same bar by myself eating some bruschetta and enjoying some wine. I was by myself so I had a magazine. Open. In front of me. This same man was a couple seats down. He decided to strike up a conversation and after a few short answers (which I thought would hopefully end the conversation) he decides to open up a full on barrage. He's been to Japan. Korea. They LOVED him there. Uh huh. He's an editor at Newsweek. Science section. Okay. Then comes the bombshell. "Do you like to kiss?" What? He repeats the question. I try to think fast. "Yes, it's one of my favorite bands. Can I have the check please?" I pay as fast as I can and leave so fast I nearly fall off the stool. I accidentally on purpose drop the business card he gives me on the ground outside. I get on the train home feeling nauseous, dirty, slimy, semi-violated.

I pretended not to see him or recognize him last night.

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