Sunday, December 27, 2009


Macaron Cafe
36th St & 7th Ave

Paris sandwich from Macaron Cafe

Can't say enough how much I like this place. The staff is always friendly and helpful and the owner manager is usually there to help out too. Last week I went in for lunch and ordered the Paris sandwich, which came on a chewy French baguette and had finely marbled French ham, thick slices of Gruyere, homemade mayonnaise and some cornichons.

I also ordered the Earl Grey French Blue tea, which sits in a giant tin on a shelf with all the other teas. As he spooned it out into the personal cast iron teapot for steeping before serving, he beckoned me over to get a whiff of the tea. "It's a beautiful tea, non?" He said.

Indeed. And a beautiful sandwich as well.

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