Thursday, November 05, 2009

So good soba

309 E 5th St (bet 1st and 2nd Ave)

Ricky has been talking this place up to me, saying that it's better than Soba Totto, Sobaya and Matsugen. I trust him with most food choices so a couple weeks ago I came here with Sophie, Erin & Jonna...

Rolling out the soba
In the front of the restaurant, a chef rolls the noodles out. He starts with a piece of dough about 4 inches thick!

Octopus carpaccio at Sobakoh
Octopus carpaccio with onion dressing. I liked this a lot - very tender and simple.

Seared duck with ponzu and sesame sauce at Sobakoh
Seared duck appetizer with ponzu and sesame sauces. Served cold - I love duck this way the best.

Uni Ikura Soba at Sobakoh
Uni (sea urchin) ikura (salmon roe) soba. With shiso leaf and nori. Super rich, creamy, tasty. Do you eat uni? You need to. I avoided it my whole life until last year because of its resemblance to the inside of a baby's nappy. But if you can get past that part, you will love it - creamy and slightly briny! The noodles were very firm and fresh. I can't say they were better than Totto or Sobaya (haven't tried Matsugen yet) because these are on another level.

The choice of soba, both hot and cold, is pretty extensive. Must return to try them all!


Anonymous said...

nom nom nom nom nom nom nom...

lazysundae said...

new name for uni ikura soba: sex in mouth!