Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Itis indeed!

I've been talking about this Thanksgiving porchetta for weeks. About a week and a half ago, I called The Meat Hook and reserved my meat, asking for a 4 lb. pork shoulder butterflied, with skin on. Alex went to pick it up on Tuesday and snapped this photo:
Tom the Butcher & his crew at The Meat Hook
That's Tom Mylan and his crew breaking down a whole pig! Excellent. Later that night I came home to marinate the pork. I unwrapped it from the butcher paper... I used Mario Batali's recipe as a basis but then winged the rest of it.

Pork butt from The Meat Hook
I slathered the inside and outside with olive oil. Then on the inside, lined both sides with chopped garlic, fresh rosemary, salt, pepper, crushed red pepper and lemon juice. Then I placed it in a large Ziplock bag with some red wine and left it to stew in the fridge til today.

Today at 3pm I took it out of the fridge to let rest at room temperature for a while. Meat cooks better at room temp because it cooks more evenly. In the meantime, I prepared the stuffing. Sauteed onion and fennel with more rosemary and garlic, lemon rind, and ground pork. I used sage sausage that I took out of the casing. As it cooled I added chopped fennel fronds and then slathered it on the inside of the pork.

I had Alex help me tie it up, then roasted it in a glass baking dish atop halved red onions. One recipe I saw said to put water at the bottom to sort of steam it from underneath so that's what I did.

Two and a half hours later........

ZOMG the porchetta

Perfecto - so juicy inside

Thanksgiving spread
This is the spread. Braised red cabbage-apples-onions; baked cannelini beans with bacon, a porter beer, molasses, balsamic vinegar and dijon mustard; smashed Yukon gold potatoes, herb salad with kiwi, orange, grapefruit; honey-glazed carrots; broccoli rabe; the porchetta.

Everything turned out exactly as I wanted it. Including the appetizers I made (sundried tomato-walnut pesto palmiers, stuffed mushrooms), I made a total of 9 dishes. OOF! All of it was cooked out of the oven thanks to slowcooker and toaster oven.

The porchetta came out better than I expected, with the skin sinfully crisp and fatty. Nom nom nom nom nom! Some of the meat was still a little pink but as long as it doesn't have that scary "raw" look you're good to go. I tried to go pretty light on the sides since the pork was so rich and fatty and ended up with a lot of different flavors - sweet carrots, bitter broccoli rabe, tart red cabbage.

My plate

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