Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'm obsessed with the possibili-teas

As a treat to myself I sometimes go a little out of my way on my way to work to stop at Macaron Cafe, which has delicious freshly baked French macarons (today: rose petal, honey lavender, lychee, vanilla, dark chocolate, mango, white chocolate, pistachio...). I get a tartine with butter and jam (usually apricot, they never ask). Today I tried their tea for the first time. They carry Mariage Freres, which I have never heard of elsewhere. I ordered the Earl Grey French Blue which they steeped in a little cast iron pot for a few minutes before pouring it into a to go cup. Earl Grey has always been my favorite tea and until now I've been drinking Revolution's Earl Grey Lavender tea. This is similar but the flower aroma is a little more delicate. It's delicious with my tartine. I've since spent the rest of the morning searching for it online. Take a gander at some other yummy-sounding teas:

From Market Hall Foods:

Mariage Frères Casablanca: a fine marriage of green tea with Moroccan mint & bergamot-flavored tea

Mariage Frères Bouddha Bleu: Green tea, sprinkled with blue cornflowers. The delicate floral aroma recalls a traditional Buddhist offering to the monks of fresh fruit, flowers, and tea.

Mariage Frères Eros: A blend made for those in love, flavored with hibiscus and mallow flowers

I'd be pretty happy with any (or all) of these in my Xmas stocking!

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