Friday, November 20, 2009

31 W 17 St NYC

Alexis: This year for our late anniversary dinner (3 years wooo!) we had reservations at Aldea. Modern Portuguese and housed close to Union Square, Ricky recommended this spot and spent a good portion of an afternoon with me poring over photos from other bloggers...

I started with the Shiprock cocktail, which was Plymouth gin with sage, orange blossom water and lemon. Very aromatic and mixed really well - herby and refreshing. They brought around a tray of bread after we ordered, from which I selected some thick and chewy olive bread.

Sea urchin toast at Aldea
Alexis: For my appetizer I had one of their "petiscos" (small bites), the sea urchin toast. Served on a folded napkin, this was a wafer-thin piece of toast topped with cauliflower cream, sea urchin and tiny bits of hidden wasabi.

Jardin at Aldea
Alexis: Alex ordered the Jardin (that's Fronchy for garden) which was a salad with root vegetables, pear and country cheese. Port wine dressing.

Hanger steak at Aldea
Alexis: Alex's dinner, the hanger steak with tamarind, red-wine shallot and fall bean salad.

Arroz de pato (duck rice)
Alexis: This is my entree, the Arroz de Pato. Paprika-spiced rice with chorizo, black olives and pieces of duck leg confit topped with duck skin cracklins and slices of duck breast. It looks deceivingly small but this was really quite filling. The smear of apricot puree on the side was very mild tasting - didn't really do anything for me. I'm also not a huge fan of the duck confit because it's dry and chicken-y. I'd definitely order this again tho, especially since Alex ate all my confit chunks. Spicy, fatty, salty, delicious.

Sorbets at Aldea
Alexis: By the time dessert rolled around we were pretty much too stuffed to want anything so we opted for the sorbet trio. From the top: coconut, concord grape, green apple. All a bit too sweet for me.

Petit fours at Aldea
Alexis: On top of all that, they gave us some petit fours before leaving! Little pear jellies, fudgy chocolate and a mini pastry that was kind of crepe-like in texture. I wish I hadn't been so full. Damn you olive bread!

For wine we had a Chamine, which is a red table wine. Fruity but not too sweet, and slightly smokey. Perfect for the duck.

Alexis: ****


Scott said...

Hey! Yeah, Aldea's great... definite winner of my favorite meal of the year. I do some restaurant blogging (recently Aldea and Tispy Parson, my second fave new place of '09. Third fave? maybe Num Pang, though Maialino really good, too) for a real estate site these days, so check it out if you want:
Pardon the SEO headlines, etc.
Anyway, as always I love reading about your food adventures; hope you keep at it. And happy anniversary!

-Scott (scoboco)

lazysundae said...

Hi Scott, I was wondering what had happened to you! I miss reading your blog. Glad to see you are still at it - I will definitely check it out!