Friday, October 16, 2009

Fall Ball 2009

Alex and I had our second housewarming last weekend. We moved upstairs in the building to a much bigger space and he had been hard at work painting, fixing and cleaning. So we had a few friends over - the usual suspects plus a couple of newcomers Megan and Cassie. I got pretty busy and didn't get to take photos of the main courses but here are some of the appetizers I assembled:

These are Mean Beans from Rick's Picks wrapped in finnochina. Deliciously spicy and salty. I also marinated some mushrooms ahead of time.
Just quarter some white mushrooms and mix in a marinade of olive oil, lemon juice, a capful of red wine vinegar and chopped parsley. I also added a bit of thyme, which goes wonderfully with mushrooms. Salt and pepper before you serve them and then you're good to go. These can be made up to 4 hours ahead of time and then kept in the fridge.

Baguette topped with ricotta, pear butter
This is just a baguette sliced thinly and topped with Calabro fresh ricotta cheese and pear butter.

I also had cured lamb and smoked ham from Ridgewood, Queens as well as Appenzaler and Midnight Moon cheeses. Two of my current favorites.

I made a sweet potato salad using Mark Bittman's recipe, which included black beans and red peppers, as well as a jalapeno sauce. The recipe called for fresh cilantro to be mixed in but I pureed them into the sauce instead. Colorful and delicious.

I also made Nigella Lawson's maple chicken n' ribs, which were very good but I wish I had basted them with the sauce as they were roasting. Her recipe forgot to include this little detail.

Everything was a success and we had no leftovers, save for some rich and sinful red velvet cake from Chikalicious, care of Laurea & David:
Red Velvet cake from Chikalicious
We have no idea who Lauren is! The icing was the best part - most cream cheese frosting is really thick and sticky but this was silky and not too heavy. Tangy and delicious!

My next project is to attempt to make porchetta. I'm waiting on a response from Tom the Butcher on procuring the correct cuts of meat so stay tuned!

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