Sunday, September 13, 2009

New Amsterdam Market

Fulton Fish Market
Today was the first day of the New Amsterdam Market, held at the Seaport in front of the old Fulton Fish Market. Purveyors, farmers, restaurants and wineries from all over New York were there to represent and hand out samples of their wares. There were a lot of Brooklyn Flea regulars like Liddabit Sweets (beer pretzel caramels), Consider Bardwell Farms (cheese), Saxelby Cheesemongers, People's Pops (organic fruit popsicles), Rick's Picks (pickled green beans, beets, okra, etc.).... It was very crowded but not overly so. Below are some highlights:

The lovely, shining porchetta of Porchetta in the East Village. They ran out of pork by 2:30. I've never made it to their spot but now am convinced.

Porchetta sandwich
The mini porchetta sandwich. Lots of juicy fatty bits as well as crispy skin. All on a hard little roll - so delicious.

Fresh oysters at Stella
Freshly shucked oysters at Stella. This was my first and last stop. That's right, I hit this sucker twice.

Other delicious things we ate and drank: marinated goat cheese from home/made, ricotta ice cream and nectarine sorbet at The Bent Spoon, various cheeses, pickles, mead... There wasn't as much in terms of food service, which I was expecting but it was a good place to see and buy goods. Now that I know what to expect I'll come back ready to shop for produce, cheese and bread.

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