Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Summer time and the eating's easy

Kook soo

This is Korean "kook soo," an easy and tasty noodle dish. My friend Seanpatrick turned me on to this. He showed me his photo on Flickr and then gave me these instructions:

I go egg simple -- little dab of sesame oil goes a long way. put black sesame seeds if you like. a little sugar. i put turmeric instead of food coloring, but you obviously dont need to. scramble with some milk. i like to do it in paper thin layers then scrape off pan and repeat, but no need. just scramble and julienne.

the meat is also super easy. however you like. I like with rehydrated shitake, sugar, soy, and lots of sesame seeds and some sesame oil. i go fatty ground beef and partially drain.

both these things are flexible of course to your taste.

as i told you before and you now know, you need to wash the tits off the noodles. so they will be warm at best. i just put a little broth on the bottom to keep things moist. basic chicken stock-- ill sometimes throw an old onion in while its boiling, and some cilantro bottoms...

if you can get both good kim chee, AND good cucumber kim chee + the beef, egg, scallions, w/e else you will be loving it. Little bits of each thing-- pretty to look at too.

Easy enough. Got my favorite somen noodles from Sunrise Mart on Broome Street as well as some radish kimchi (an accident as I wanted the traditional Napa cabbage kind) and some mini cucumbers. Alex procured the rest of the ingredients.

Before starting anything, I sliced up one of the mini cucumbers and lightly pickled it in the fridge with some sesame oil, salt, crushed red pepper and rice vinegar.

1. Simmer chicken broth (we used boxed Swanson's) with big chunks of garlic and chopped scallions.
2. Meanwhile, thinly slice shiitake mushrooms and sautee in some olive oil. Add ground beef and cook. Add citrus ponzu, salt, pepper. I forgot fresh ginger but luckily (?) I had the powdered version.
3. Scramble an egg and add milk and some sugar. Cook it in a thin layer. I didn't have black sesame seeds so I did without. They would have looked so pretty in the eggs! Slice thinly.
4. Cook zee noodles! Then rinse well in cool water.

To assemble, ladle a bit of broth into a bowl. Don't pick up any scallions or garlic. Add the noodles, then top with kimchi, egg and beef. Garnish with the pickled cucumbers and some of the scallions from the broth boil. Slurp and enjoy!

This is a great summertime dish because it's not too heavy but still very filling. It takes some prep and cooking but it is worth it.

Thanks, SP! Next time I will make this when I'm not starving out of my mind and hopefully take a better photo.

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