Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mellow gold

Croque Madame avec pistou

Croque Madame avec pistou

This morning for breakfast I made a Croque Madame, which is a French sandwich. It's basically a grilled ham and cheese sandwich topped with a fried egg. I had some leftover pesto I made earlier this week so I diluted it with more olive oil and it became a pistou, the French pesto.

Assemble your sandwich - don't use too much ham and cheese. About one slice of cheese and two slices of ham should do. Heat up a skillet, melt some butter and cook the sandwich on both sides til the bread is toasted and the cheese melted. Fry the egg, put it on the sandwich and then drizzle with the pistou.

Watching the yolk spill over the ham and cheese is like magic!

P.S. I've been using my new (vintage) Marimekko Pfaltzgraff plates. I got half the set on Etsy and the other half on eBay. Phew!

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