Monday, July 27, 2009

Some exciting (for me) developments

So our new apartment has been coming along. Alex bought a new kitchen island to replace our old wobbly one. This one is all bamboo with a half bamboo/half granite top and with a cabinet and shelves underneath. He also gave the stove a good cleaning and spraypainted the hood and front of the oven to make it look like new. It feels much better cooking in there now.

So some things I want to try this year:
1. A cooking show on Youtube. This might prove to be difficult because I don't think the cat would make a very good DP. In fact she is quite useless. And Alex would only be able to do it on the weekends. I might try to coerce Mike and/or Seth to help me - free meal for free filming.

2. Supper club. Still working out the logistics (i.e. we need a table and chairs) as well as pricing, advertising and timing.

I just really want to get back to cooking regularly again. I haven't really been posting because I haven't been cooking! I've been assembling salads and pasta for dinner and eating spam musubi for lunch. The lack of dinner parties this year has also not helped very much. So stay tuned for more in the near future. Probably when it stops being so damn hot.

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OMG! I thought spam musubi was only indigineos to us asians from hawaii! YUM!