Monday, July 13, 2009


110 Waverly (W Village)

Alexis: Alex's birthday. We've been wanting to eat here and for lack of planning we decided to take our chances and try for a walk-in table. We walked in at around 6-ish and scored the last free one - yeah! The tasting menu looked delicious but it was too much food. So we split an appetizer, pasta dish and then got our own entrees.

You may be wondering why I enlisted a 3-year old to draw our food. Well it was dark in there and I didn't want to be rude and use the flash on my camera. The "food" setting was too dark...the photos looked ugly! So this morning I drew them in MS Paint:

Alexis: Greenmarket verdure on toasted bread with goat ricotta. So fresh and delicious.

Alexis: Beef cheek ravioli with squab liver and black truffles. This was my favorite part of the meal - the ravioli was cooked perfectly al dente and the beef cheek filling was silky and almost sweet. I could've eaten about 3 more servings of this.

Alexis: Alex's entree, the porchetta topped with lardo and served with pickled vegetables and fava bean salad.

Alexis: My entree, Two minute calamari served Sicilian lifeguard style. A spicy tomato broth with caper berries and olives. Super simple and delicious - the broth was great for soaking up with bread.

Alexis: ****
Flavors and presentation were excellent. Service was a bit strange - who is that guy in the black suit? Why did he take our order?


Jtrimmings said...

I don't like this new fangled "abstract" representation, not one bit.

lazysundae said...

me either, really.