Friday, June 19, 2009

We're not in Brooklyn anymore, Toto

N. 6th and Wythe, Williamsburg

Ryan and I got to the Asobi Seksu show 2 hours before they even went on so we decided to grab a bite at Zenkichi. If you don't know what to look for it can be a little confusing, as the entire corner is covered in wood. Once inside, you're no longer in db-filled Williamsburg. We were seated in a private booth with a curtain, and to summon your server there was a small buzzer on the table. Bam!

Tako wasabi at Zenkichi
Tako Wasabi. This is basically raw octopus brined in wasabi sauce. Firm and squishy at the same time - one of my favorite things in the world.

Berkshire Pork shabu shabu style with sesame sauce at Zenkichi
This is Berkshire Pork cut shabu shabu style and served with a sesame sauce. It was good but needed a little kick - more salt? Throw it on the grill? You get the idea. It was too delicate. If that's what they were going for though, congratulations.

Anago & Cream cheese tempura with wasabi salt at Zenkichi
Anago (fresh water eel) and cream cheese tempura. We saw this on the menu and had to get it because it sounded so disgusting. But it was actually pretty good. I preferred it with the wasabi salt over the tempura sauce. The bigger pieces were a bit soggy though which was disappointing.

Summer rice balls at Zenkichi
Summer rice balls with peas and corn. From left to right - topped with miso, grilled with shiso, umeboshi flakes. Delicious! And tiny. I'm used to eating a whole hand full of onigiri, not this finger food.

Nigori Sake Cheesecake with strawberry sauce at Zenkichi
For dessert, a no-bake cheesecake topped with Nigori sake jelly and strawberries. Smooth and creamy though the top reminded me of Jello shots.

Good food and service. It was pretty much spot on for Tokyo but I'm gonna go ahead and blame the prices on location. I'd go back, If I was in the area.

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