Monday, June 22, 2009

Ramen weather?

Tsushima Wednesday Ramen Special
47th St between Lex & 3rd Ave

At Tsushima waiting for Ricky
I met Ricky here on Wednesday for the Japanese KitKat handoff. First time for both of us. They opened the doors right at noon and by 12:20 the place was packed.

Most people ordered the ramen special. But a lot of others were also ordering sushi rolls. Why??

Wednesday Shio Ramen special at Tsushima
For $13.50 you get a salad and big bowl of shio ramen with lots of julienned scallions, bamboo shoots, a giant scallop, thick soft pieces of pork.

The noodles were slightly chewy, very delicious. The broth, though clear, had a lot of depth to it. I hate saying crap like that as it sounds pretentious, but it's true. It was meaty-seafoody-tasty-delicious but not so pronounced in any one of those, except the tasty & delicious part. I could not finish the entire bowl, shamefully. I drank as much of the broth as possible, and though it wasn't that salty I got very thirsty.

They served quite a big bowl of ikura (salmon roe) don (over rice) on the side. Obviously I couldn't finish this either but it was very fresh and, as Ricky speculated, probably cleaned in-house. When they have sat around for a bit (if you've ever bought them at Sunrise Mart you'll know what I'm talking about) they are a little sticky.

On Fridays they have a shoyu ramen special, which is my favorite kind of ramen. Will definitely have to come back and try it out. And I'll be using Chikubu as my standard! Cry cry cry...


William said...

I love my Ramen places, Setagaya, Ippudo.. but 13 dolars is getting rediculous for ramen! I still love it and cant resist. I'm not sure what i will do when the weather gets too hot for ramen in the summer.. maybe switch to cold somen?

lazysundae said...

This place has better shio than Setagaya - I promise!

Jtrimmings said...

I find setagaya to be inconsistent. Once the the noodles were all stuck together, sometimmes the broth tastes weak,you know? My top places so far are Ippudo and Minca. But this...this looks worth a try. 13.50 for the ramen and the ikura don is not bad, not bad all...

lazysundae said...

i find setagaya too salty.

on fridays this spot has hayashi ramen, not shoyu right now (cold ramen). need to get to it soon.