Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More praise for Choice Greene

No pics because I gobbled it up so fast but the sushi at Choice Greene is actually really good!

Months of no seafood had my body screaming for fish. Then talking about it with a friend made me crave it even more! So I ran over as soon as I got off the train. There is a fish station in the back and the fishmonger makes the sushi right there. I got a combo box with salmon, maguro and hamachi nigiri, 3 salmon avocado rolls and 3 California rolls. Normally I hate California rolls but these were delicious, even with the imitation crab. It was pulled apart and actually looked legit, instead of a solid block of haddock colored orange. The wasabi they use is actually spicy and the soy sauce is thicker than normal so you don't need a lot of it. Pickled ginger wrapped separately in the plastic grass. White, not pink.

Repeat as necessary.

Also, in the meat and cheese cases, you have to try the fresh ricotta from Calabro Cheese in Connecticut. It totally trumps Salvatore Brooklyn's. It's light and fluffy and almost buttery. There is also a smoked ham made locally in Ridgewood, which comes from one of their regular customers. It looks like a cut of prosciutto where it is drier on one side and striped with fat on the other but it isn't cured so it is still a little like sandwich meat. I was skeptical at first but am now a big convert. The staff is knowledgeable and can suggest different things for you if you give them some guidelines to work with.

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