Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Home, home on the stovetop

Sunday night dinner: Galbi, fennel and orange salad, mushroom and parsley salad
Sunday night dinner
Galbi: Marinate beef short ribs in equal parts white vinegar and soy sauce (I used some of the Korean variety, can't tell you the name because I can't read Korean), both white and brown sugar, minced garlic and onions, black pepper, crushed red pepper and a little sesame oil. Try to let them sit for at least 2-3 hours. Heat up a grill and cook over medium heat. YUM.

Fennel and orange salad:
Thinly slice a bulb of fennel. Slice and quarter an orange (I used a Florida orange). Toss with greens, parsley, salt, pepper, extra virgin and red wine vinegar.

Parsley and mushroom salad (from Giada di Laurentis):
Thinly slice white mushrooms. Chop a handful of parsley. Toss with generous amounts of extra virgin, fresh lemon juice, salt and pepper. The mushrooms soak up all the dressing - super refreshing.

Banchan would've been nice but this was a last minute inspiration and I didn't want to spend money getting all the ingredients.

Monday night dinner: Torta & sinangag
Torta - taste of my childhood
Torta, a childhood favorite. Basically a giant omelette with tomatoes, onions and ground chicken. Traditionally it is made with ground pork and shrimp but I wanted the healthy option and none of that was available in my grocery. I also seasoned it with fish sauce. Just a dash - not too much! It's delicious with Tabasco ketchup, made by Heinz :)

Sinangag - garlic rice
Sinangag (garlic rice). Day old rice is the best for frying. Lightly brown some garlic in a pan. Add the rice, then season with salt and garlic powder. Cook til hot.


William said...

I use to work for a Japanese noodle shop and we use to make galbi. The owner was half korean half japanese. To your recipe, I would add some coca cola.. the acid and the sugar sweeten and tenderize the meat, and some sake or heinekin works well. Do not add the sesame oil right away, add it about an hour before cooking.. the oil keeps the other things from soaking into the meat. Lastly we would add crushed ginger but i think thats a Hawaiian thing to give it a slight zing...

lazysundae said...

thanks william! the coke is a good idea - my mom uses sprite in her filipino bbq recipe. definitely will make these again w/ your improvements :)