Sunday, April 05, 2009

Flushing trip pt. 3

Spicy & Tasty
39-07 Prince St, Flushing, Queens

Nom nom nom!
We ate here on Saturday with Laurea and Ken, popping our S&T cherries together. Alex and I arrived in Flushing early so we walked around and I could not resist stopping at Corner 28 for a fresh, delicious Peking duck bun.

Spicy & Tasty was...delicious and spicy! Pictured here are the cold noodles in chili sauce, conch in spicy oil and fried boneless pork ribs with salt & pepper. Prepared just like salt & pepper squid, one of my favorites. The conch was not my favorite - there was something odd and chemical about the sauce. But the pork and noodles were bangin!

Alex: I loved the boneless pork ribs with the salty crunch fried breading. I do wish there was a bit more spice to them though. I don't think anything we ordered was very spicy at all, but definitely tasty. The noodles were the surprise favorite for me. Of course I didn't touch the conch or crab with a 10 foot pole!

Crab in spicy sauce
Chili crab - what a pain it is to eat but so worth it. Sweet, fresh crab meat in gingery spicy sauce.

Chinese green beans
Chinese green beans with garlic - I ate the shit out of this. Super tasty - difficult to find the real Chinese green beans too!

Alex: This was just ok to me. I thought the green beans were a bit too mushy.

Tofu homestyle
Tofu cooked homestyle - this was perfect. Crispy on the outside and custardy on the inside.

Alex: I just don't get tofu. It has to be drenched in sauce and spices to be edible. Otherwise it reminds me of a fried egg white. Meh.

In total the bill came out to about $75 including white rice and Tsingtaos for the table. We will definitely have to go back to try more dishes! Flushing is fast becoming quite the food destination. There is so much to try out there, from dirty food malls to hot pot+karaoke. Can you say hell yes?

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