Monday, April 06, 2009

Channeling my inner fatty

Buttermilk Channel
Court & Huntington, Brooklyn (Gowanus)

Sunny day
Chris told me about this spot a few weeks ago. After peeping their brunch menu it's been on the brain, especially with their signature bloody mary cocktails...of which there are FOUR. Saturday night at dinner Ken mentioned it, so yesterday we decided to head out there since it was such a nice day. As you can see by our photo it was sunny and warm!

Fried pork chop & cheddar waffle at Buttermilk Channel
Alex ordered the fried pork chops with cheddar waffles. It was so delicious he only let me have one bite! Fatty, salty, sweet and crunchy. All the elements of everything I want to eat in the morning.

Alex: Ok, by the time we sat down I was pissed due to a waiting list screw-up. The one thing that kept me from just walking away was that I had a feeling the food was going to be awesome. I sure am glad that I stuck it out because my pork chop was delicious! Cooked to perfection the way mom used to make (haha ok maybe not, mom can't cook shit). My favorite part of pork chops is gnawing on the bone. The cheddar waffles were excellent too, but I didn't taste much cheddar in them. I wonder if too much cheddar would have been strange with syrup? Anyway, my dish was just great.

Warm lamb & romaine salad at Buttermilk Channel
I ordered the warm lamb and romaine salad which came with fried capers, black olive croutons and a soft boiled egg. The dressing was kind of a buttermilk vinaigrette - I have no way of confirming this, except it was vinegary and kind of white in color. Both comforting and refreshing at the same time - will have to start adding SB eggs to salads more often to make them heartier. The fried capers were delicious. Frying makes them less tart and more sweet/caramel-y. YUM.

Hashbrowns at Buttermilk Channel
On the side I ordered hash browns, which were crisp on the outside, mealy and creamy on the inside.

Bathroom at Buttermilk Channel
The bathroom, cozy and pretty. I am sure it is a big pain to light all those candles and keep them going (there are also four on top of the toilet) so I had to give it a mention. Plus, the pretty tulips in the vase! I love tulips.

Will be back definitely to check out dinner! There was a 45-minute wait and they skipped us on the list. I'd suggest checking in from time to time to make sure that doesn't happen to you. Do it nicely though!

Alex: ****

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