Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The weekend of fat

Carlton & St. Marks, Brooklyn (Prospect Heights)

Sitting at the bar - James
Alexis: We finally got to try brunch at James this Sunday. Located in a residential block of Prospect Heights, it is a lot smaller than I thought it would be. About 4 stand alone tables and 4-6 booths with seats at the bar and window. They are open for dinner throughout the week, with brunch on Sundays starting at 11:30am. We ordered from their list of cocktails (of which there were about 10-12). I had my brunch standard bloody mary, which was spicy and delicious, garnished with a pickled asparagus. Alex ordered the St. Anne, which is like a St. Germaine cocktail but with gin and mint.

Their bar menu also looks delicious, with roasted bone marrow and fried chickpeas with rosemary at the top of my list.

Crepes at James
Alexis: After a long deliberation I ordered the crepes with parmacotto and manchego topped with a sweet marjoram bechamel sauce and garnished with a small frissee salad. This was super savory and delicious. The crepes were thin but not soggy, and the sauce was just the right topping. The mustard and acidity of the salad was the right complement.

Ricotta pancakes at James
Alexis: Alex's dish, ricotta pancakes with stone fruit syrup and mint.

Alex: I was a little disappointed in my dish. It was a very plain straight forward stack of pancakes. The ricotta was a nice touch but didn't give it that wow factor to put it over the top. Plus I was jealous of Alexis' crepes!

Alexis: I can't believe we slept for so long. One failed attempt earlier this winter on a Saturday taught us our lesson. Would love to come back for dinner or at least happy hour, which runs Tuesday - Thursday from 5:30-7pm. Bone marrow, get in my mouth!

Alexis: ****1/2
Alex: ****

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