Monday, March 09, 2009

Veni vidi viscious

Char No. 4
196 Smith St., Brooklyn (Carroll Gardens)

66/299 2009 The whiskey wall at Char No. 4
Alexis: We finally got to eat at Char No. 4 this weekend. We passed this new spot on Smith last year but only got around to trying it on Saturday. At 7:30pm the wait for a table was only about ten minutes. We sat at the bar and ordered some cocktails, I the Noreaster (Old Crow, ginger beer, lime juice and maple syrup) and Alex something with sparkling wine and cassis in a sexy champagne flute.

Chopped pork sandwich at Char No. 4
Alexis: Alex ordered the chopped pork sandwich with baked beans and pickled onions.

Alex: You know, being the bbq connoisseur that I am it takes a hell of a pork sandwich to impress me, and this was not it. Sorry dudes, I know your claim to fame on this one is keeping all of the drippings in the meat, but it was just too greasy. The grease almost overpowered the meat.

Lamb pastrami at Char No. 4
Alexis: I snacked all afternoon so I ordered an appetizer, the lamb pastrami with coriander aioli and grilled bread. Cured in house, this is not the heavy handed slices you're used to eating. Thin, delicate ribbons of lamb shoulder sit warm atop the aioli and house pickled onions. This was the big winner and though I could've eaten more, as a standalone sandwich it would be a little too much. But that's not a bad thing. I'll order it again and again.

Braised kale with apples and bacon at Char No. 4
Alexis: On the side, I ordered the braised kale with apples and bacon. Buttery and savory, my two favorite things.

Alexis: Overall, great food and the whiskey selection is outstanding. I ordered a small taste of the Wild Turkey American Honey, which could've been dessert in itself. Thick and sweet, just like honey. It's not a standard BBQ joint but more of a southern comfort food spot with house cured meat. You owe it to the flesh lover in you to try this spot.

Alex: Even though the sandwich I had didn't blow me away, I'm not ready to blow this place off. I loved the idea and the interior. And the booze selection is just ming boggling. I might just have to jack some of their ideas when I'm ready to open my own bbq joint.

Alexis: ****

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