Thursday, March 19, 2009


Ingredients from Grand Central Mkt
I got my hair cut yesterday. I've been going to the same stylist for about 5 years. They always give me Japanese magazines to read, which I can never understand. Yesterday they gave me one called Orange Page, which had a whole section on "mountain eggs." Poached ("melty" according to Mao) eggs atop different dishes. One of them looked like squash with miso. So I went to Grand Central Market on my way home to get some ingredients. Straw mushrooms (also called enoki mushrooms, but since "enoki" already means mushroom in Japanese...isn't that redundant??), shiitake mushrooms, sweet gray squash and Japanese cucumbers. I had some tofu, savoy (?) cabbage and scallions at home as well.

Enoki Butter
Enoki butter. Village Yokocho in the East Village serves this dish but the last time I had it, flavor was lacking. I decided it needed a dash of salt, some extra virgin olive oil and some sherry to give it a kick. Wrap it all up in a double envelope of foil, stick it in the oven at 375 and leave it while you do the other stuff. When it's ready to come out, carefully cut the foil open and squeeze some fresh lemon juice on top - the best.

Okonomiyaki. Ryan and I made this a few times back at 11206. It's a great dish for leftover veggies and meat that are already cooked because they just need to be reheated. Whisk an egg, flour and water together - no specific measurements but it should be a little looser than pancake batter. Drop all the leftovers in and fry it up like a pancake, on both sides. When it's cooked through, top with okonomi sauce and Kewpie mayo as well as bonito flakes. Garnish with pickled radish. Filling and good.

Dinner is served
The spread. At the top is the miso squash with poached egg. I just sauteed the squash with some oil, then mixed the miso paste with a little sesame oil and dumped it in. Topped with a poached egg this would've been really filling by itself with some rice. But I used too much miso and cooked the squash for too long so that they were a little soggy.

Would've really loved some grilled fish with grated daikon. Mouth. Watering!

Total time, about 30 minutes. Eat my shorts, Rachael Ray!

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