Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Choice goods

Choice Greene
214 Greene Ave at Grand Ave (Clinton Hill, BK)

81/284 2009: Antipasto Sunday
It is so great to have this little spot in the neighborhood. On Sunday morning we tried to check out Choice Atlantic but it was strangely closed. So we headed back up to Choice Market for some pastries and hot bevs, and then to Choice Greene for some snacks for later.

Delicious bread - ciabatta and a demi baguette, serrano ham, mixed olives and Primma Donna cheese.

The olives this time were a little weird - some had a weird gasoline taste and I'm wondering if this is because they don't really move their olive stock. Kinda scary. The serrano jam is delicious and not too bad comparatively, at $19.95/lb. The Primma Donna is delicious - creamy, firm and with that nice bite similar to Parmesan. Made in the style of Dutch Gouda it holds up well for antipasto purposes. They know their stuff over there - I said "similar to Grana Padano" and this is what they suggested. It's so good I gnaw on the rind.


Bonbon Oiseau said...

mmm! looks really good--is that a cynaide dip you're serving with it or just the color of the dish?

lazysundae said...

that's the olive pit bowl/soy sauce dish :)