Sunday, March 22, 2009

Back to the motherland

Ok not really but Flushing Main Street is about as close as I'm gonna get right now to China.
Ricky & Ryan at Corner 28
For a mini reunion, Ryan, Ricky and I met in Flushing to eat. We decided to get little bites here and there. First stop was Corner 28.

Carving up the duck
They carve the duck up right in front of you. Peking duck dumplings are $1 a piece. In the other window they serve fresh rice noodles.

Peking duck buns from Corner 28
One of my favorite things in the whole world. A soft, pillowy bun, a fatty piece of duck meat, salty-sweet hoisin sauce and crunchy scallions and cucumber. I could've eaten this all day. And I did - we came back for one last taste before parting ways.

Dumplings and other good stuff at Zhu Ji Guo Tie
At a little hole in the wall called Zhu Ji Guo Tie. They had many different kinds of dumplings but we got a little container of four small pork buns that were pan seared t so the bottom was crispy. $1.25 for the lot - inside they were hot and juicy.

Cold spicy noodles
Ricky then led us down the stairs to Golden Sunshine Mall, a shady, dirty food court. We picked this food stall which had lamb spine, noodles and pork and lamb "burgers." Pictured above is the cold spicy noodles. Hand-pulled and hand cut, then served with bean sprouts, tofu, cucumber and scallion in a simple sauce made with sesame oil, soy sauce, chili oil. Note that it is served in the top portion of a styrofoam takeout container. The sauce only had a hint of flavor but it was just right for this dish. The noodles were firm and fresh.

Lamb burger at Golden Sunshine
The lamb and cumin burger, sandwiched between toasted sweet bread. It was a bit too much for me. The cumin was very strong and the lamb had bits of cartilage and tendon but the flavor was very good.

This pretty much ended the food fest as we were pretty full. We stopped in at another food court, which had a long row of cafeteria-style chaffing dishes on one side and refrigerators and breads/pastries on the other side:

Chinese buffet


It was a fun day exploring. It's surprising how many groceries there are on Main Street. If only I lived closer - everything was fresh and cheap and the abundance and choices of prepared food available was pretty amazing.

Definitely do this if you get a chance - a sitdown meal is good as well but exploring all the little food stalls is even better. The last time I was out here was when we ate dim sum at Jade, almost exactly one year ago. I hope I don't wait that long to come back, as the DOH might shut some of these places down. JUST KIDDING!!

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