Tuesday, March 31, 2009

5 Piece Chicken Dinner

5-piece chicken dinner

That's a little Beastie Boys reference for you all, from my favorite album Paul's Boutique.

This Sunday I wanted to make a roast chicken. It was misty and gross outside so I figured that would warm us right up. But when I got to the store, the whole chickens looked...not so good. So I picked up a package of thighs instead, more flavorful and cheaper than breasts.

I set the rice to cook on the stove. I don't have a rice cooker, which I really need as I've been eating rice more and more now. 1 part rice to 1 1/2 parts water for sushi rice. I like it because it's chubby and sticky.

Then I started browning the chicken in my Dutch oven in a little olive oil. Just salt and pepper the skin and place it skin down in the oil. After about 6-8 minutes I flipped them over, zested a lemon over them and sprinkled some dried rosemary. Then I covered the pot.

Then I got to work on the veggies: chick peas (canned), halved/quartered baby carrots and artichoke hearts. First I started with butter and olive oil in the pan, followed by diced red onion. Then baby carrots, which I sauteed for about 5 minutes. Then added chicken broth and chickpeas to the mix, which I let simmer. The artichokes went in last since they were already cooked, and lastly a squeeze of lemon. Just before serving I threw a handful of chopped parsley in, for brightness and color.

After the chicken was done I removed them from the pot. I made a roux using the drippings and some flour, then slowly added chicken broth, whisking the whole time. Seasoned with salt and pepper and added some white wine. When it reached the right consistency, everything went on plates to eat and enjoy.

Since I got a 4-pack of thighs I have some left over. A whole chicken would've been nice though, because you can change it up a bit - chicken sandwich, chicken soup...

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