Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Luz lips can eat more food

Vanderbilt between Myrtle & Willoughby (Fort Greene)

Arepas de Queso at Luz
Alexis: After my Knitting & Wine meet up on Sunday Alex picked me up and we braved the cold and walked up the street to Luz, a Latin fusion restaurant up the street. They're known for their rotisserie chicken so that's what we were hoping for. However after a long wait the waitress said they were out...so we ordered other things. Above, the Arepas de Queso. Topped with cilantro pesto and cotija cheese, these were slightly sweet and had just a tiny bit of melted cheese throughout. Crisp on the outside and warm and mealy on the inside - I loved these.

Costillas a la Brava at Luz
Alexis: Costillas a la Brava - pork ribs with mango salsa. The meat was falling off the bone! No matter that I'd had pork ribs the night before. Ribs are ribs - can't turn them down. The mango salsa was not much to speak of nor was the small container of mango BBQ sauce. But the ribs - damn good.

Entrana at Luz
Alexis: Alex's dish, Entrana. Skirt steak with red chimichurri sauce and a crispy plantain bowl with 3-cheese "fondue."

Alexis: Over all it was good. It got a little expensive because we had two rounds of drinks. With a cocktail menu so tempting, how could we not. I had both the mango and traditional margaritas, and Alex had the Vampirita - blood orange, cointreau, ginger-infused tequila and lime. I'd definitely come back for the chicken. With plaintains and rice & beans - mm mm good!

Alex: The cocktails were good. The food was just eh. It was pretty disappointing that they were out of their claim to fame chicken, but what can you do. I guess we should have shown up a bit earlier.

Alexis: ***

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