Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Getting fat on Fat Tuesday

Momofuku Milk Bar
Round 2, with Ryan

Cookies from Milk Bar
Stalwart DC supporters, don't hurt me. I have been trying to give him another chance. Granted, this isn't THE place to do it but it's the one place I can compromise at for now. The cookies are good. From left to right above: Blueberry cream, corn and 3 cornflake-marshmallow-chocolate cookies. Delicious, chewy, cakelike, buttery.

Tonight their soft serve flavors were cornflake milk and marshmallow milk. Which was kind of confusing until Ryan ordered a cornflake milk soft serve + whole milk shake. Basically it was leftover Frosty Flakes milk! Amazing. Perfect for dipping cookies into. I wish they offered it in shot size for the less disgusto-inclined.

Pork bun at Milk Bar
The much-hyped pork bun. Sadly, I had the pork buns at Ippudo first. Which left me with high expectations. The pork bun at Ippudo is soft and fatty. The hoisin sauce is rich and dark brown, and there is also a small smear of sweet mayo and cabbage for crunch. All sandwiched inside a pillowy white breadcloud.

The Momofuku pork bun, though not as dry as it looks in the photo, dreams of being the Ippudo pork bun. Sandwiched between dry bread flaps and garnished with cucumber slivers and hoisin, it reaches for the stars but falls flat on its ass.

Inspired by Peking duck, okay. Peking duck is fatty, fluffy, saucy and comforting. At $9 for two of these underwhelming bad boys, I was not comforted or sated. Sorry.

Says Ricky via gchat: they're not as transcendent as people make them out to be. the 75 cent peking duck buns in flushing are more satisfying

Must keep plowing forward, though every little step takes me two leaps back.

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