Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Birthday brunch #2

77th at Columbus (UWS)

The bread basket at Dovetail
Alexis: I made reservations at Dovetail for my birthday brunch. I'd been wanting to come here since it opened about a year ago. They have a lot of great deals, like their $38 Sunday Suppa and $88 Tasting Menu. This is the bread basket, with mini banana muffins, tomato-onion focaccia and cornbread biscuits. The cornbread was delicious with a little apricot spread. I tried not to fill up because we had a lot more food coming.

Alex: Well well well, my favorito again! The cornbread was hands down the best, probably the best cornbread I've ever had. Yeah I said it, EVAR!!!!

Cold cauliflower soup at Dovetail
Alexis: Cold cauliflower soup. This was deceptively creamy and smooth and very mild tasting. You know how you want your creamed soups to come out silky? This is how you do it.

Alex: Who wants a shot of cold soup? Meh, it definitely tasted like cauliflower though.

Greek yogurt with peanut butter granola, pomegranate at Dovetail
Alexis: This is Greek yogurt with peanut butter granola, pomegranate seeds and honey. This is breakfast in and of itself! I only had a tiny taste because I was already getting full.

Alex: Yum, I scarfed this one down pretty quick. The only thing that was odd to me was eating it after the cauliflower soup. Not the best mix.

Cuke sandwiches, duck meatballs at Dovetail
Alexis: The last of the appetizers, mini cucumber tea sandwiches and duck meatballs. Nothing much to speak of, except as filler. I can't believe we got all this food already and the main courses hadn't arrived yet!

Alex: The sammies were pretty blah, but I liked the meatball. As a matter of fact, I didn't even realize it was duck until i just read Alexis' post.

Hake with olive tapenade at Dovetail
Alexis: This is my hake with olive tapenade, fennel and basil. Pan-seared on one side so it was crisp, the fish was steaky and juicy, The sauce around the plate was fresh and creamy, with a very strong olive oil taste - in a good way. I only wish there was more of it.

Roast chicken with gnocchi, cremini mushrooms at Dovetail
Alexis: This is Alex's roasted chicken with cremini mushrooms and potato gnocchi. I only had the leftovers and can say that they were delicious. Especially the gnocchi.

Alex: Very reminiscent of one of the courses I had at Blue Hill, but WAY better. Seriously, how the hell does chicken get cooked to such perfection? It was juicy and cooked perfectly all the way through, and the skin was light crispy seasoned perfection. And the gnocchi was to die for. All fo the flavors combined made this a real highlight for me. I might add that there was so much on my plate I took HALF of it home. Half... can you believe that, HALF!?!?

Brunch dessert at Dovetail
Alexis: Everyone got a dessert sampler. Clockwise - walnut brownie with gooey molten center, butterscotch pudding, apple crumble and almond-oatmeal financier. Best dessert so far was the pudding. I've only had another to rival it, and this was at the Tasting Room about two years ago. Creamy and not too sweet.

Alex: I hate to say it, but i think dessert was the biggest letdown. In order of preference I would say brownie, puddin, apple crumble, and the almond thing was forgettable. I think there were just way too many oats throughout the meal.

Alexis: Overall a great value for the money we paid. The service was also top notch - attentive without being overbearing, and they were pretty good about water refills. The place is a lot smaller than I thought it would be but still a good size, with simple rustic decor. Downstairs by the kitchen there is a private table that can be reserved for a party of eight. Would like to try Sunday Suppa here another time. Any takers?

Alex: I think the bang for the buck was awesome.

Alexis: ****
Alex: ***1/2


ana dane said...

i want cold cauliflower soup. immediately followed by a dessert sampler.

lazysundae said...

i'm gonna have to second that. the soup was delish!

William said...
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