Wednesday, February 25, 2009

BCD Tofu House
W. 32nd btw B'way & 5th Ave (Koreatown)

351A/314 2009 Banchan at BCD Tofu House
Kim invited me to this spot last Friday after work. I walked in and immediately felt like I'd been there before - I'm pretty sure BCD took over Dae Dong's spot, because the set up inside was exactly the same, just nicer. Anyway, we all ordered seafood soon dobu except Jamie, who got the beef. This is all the banchan we got. I've never gotten the little dish of light vinegar broth or the fish before, anywhere. This is probably my favorite part about Korean food.

Seafood Paejun at BCD Tofu House
Seafood paejun - basically a scallion pancake with seafood cooked in it.

Seafood Soon Dobu at BCD Tofu House
The soon dobu. It comes to the table bubbling hot. Crack a raw egg in, stir it up and you are good to go. The soon dobu comes in mild, regular, spicy and extra spicy. I ordered it regular and there was only a hint of spice - I might try the spicy next time. Very delicious and filling too. Included as seafood: mussels, clams, shrimp.


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&%; = lainey said...

i've been hitting up this chain since college. when we lived in ktown it was a frequent dinner spot even if mike hates korean food. i usually get mine medium spicey. i'm a spice wimp.