Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dinner with the girls

Jack's Luxury Oyster Bar
2nd Ave at 6th (E. Village)

Yellowtail crudo with creme fraiche and grapefruit at JLOB
Had dinner with Laurea and Angel here a few weeks ago. To start we ordered a dozen and a half oysters, both from east and west coasts. Laurea and I split a delicious pinot gris from Alsace - slightly fruity without being too sweet, with some grassy notes. Not the usual Alsatian flavor. I liked it a lot. This is the yellowtail crudo with creme fraiche and grapefruit. The menu also described wheat crackers. Where are the wheat crackers?? Those are the little dots you see. They were wheat dots. Very yummy but unsatisfying. But that's okay because we also ordered...

Potato fried octopus with lime and adobo at JLOB
Potato-fried octopus with lime and adobo sauce. This was not appetizing to look at but it was pretty delicious. Cooked just right, the octopus was not rubbery at all and the potato string wrapper was crunchy.

Wild striped bass with watercress and coconut sea urchin broth at JLOB
Wild striped bass with watercress and coconut sea urchin broth. While this was cooked very well I did not taste any sea urchin in the broth. I would've preferred that. But still this was very delicious. The bass was both delicate and steaky at the same time. How do they do that?

Butter poached lobster with potato chips, edamame, carrots and horseradish jus at JLOB
Last up, we had the butter poached lobster with horseradish jus over edamame and carrots and served with homemade potato chips. I'm so glad this came last because it was probably the best dish of the night. You could really taste the butter in the lobster and it didn't even need any of the other stuff. Another piece of lobster would've been perfect, thanks.

Over all, I would say the food here is excellent. The oysters are fresh and briny and the service is pretty friendly. However it is very easy to rack up your bill. These plates don't come cheap and there isn't much to them. Between the three of us, 18 oysters, 4 dishes and a half bottle of wine came out to $120 not including tip. I'd come back for a special occasion but wouldn't make it a regular spot.

Momofuku Milk Bar
13th St at 2nd Ave (E. Village)
Cakes and pies at Milk Bar
I've hated on David Chang for a long time. This year one of my resolutions is to give him another chance so I started with Momofuku Milk Bar, his new dessert spot. I was a bit woozy from wine+meds so I had trouble making a decision. There were so many different pies to choose from. I also wanted to try the soft serve but it was so damn cold outside. Finally I settled on a slice of pistachio cake and two blueberry cream cookies to go. The cookies were huge and delicious. Slightly chewy and moist. Laurea also gave me half of her cornflake cookie, which was a mess of cornflakes, marshmallows and chocolate. It looked disgusting in the display case but when I bit into it I wanted to buy like 10 more. Chewy, crunchy, salty, gooey and chocolatey all at the same time!

Yummy! Pistachio cake at Milk Bar
This is the pistachio cake, layered with lemon buttercream (that's what it tasted like anyway). Look how huge it is. I couldn't finish it in one sitting so I took it home to Alex.

I don't even remember how much any of this crap was, that's how good it tasted. Has DC redeemed himself? Not yet. But we'll see.

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happy almost birthday mama!!! sounds like a lot of delicousness going on this weekend...