Friday, January 23, 2009

C'est merveilleux!

La Sirene
558 Broome at Varick (Soho-ish)

Escargot at La Sirene

Last night for our team dinner, Daddy Warbucks took us to dinner at this tiny French gem that specializes in seafood. There are only about 20 tables, and to get to the bathroom you have to squeeze past the tiny kitchen in the back where you can see the cooks busting their asses to feed everyone. It is located right next to Ivo & Lulu, another great French-Mediterranean food boasting organic flavs.

For starters we ordered the curried mussels in cream sauce, crab crepes, goat cheese tart with figs and truffle oil, and the escargots, pictured above. The mussels were delicious and not too spicy, and the cream sauce was especially good to soak up with some crusty bread. The goat cheese tart was another winner, as goat cheese and figs are a classic match. The crepes were so-so. Not horrible but also nothing great. It was my first time to try escargot, and though at first it felt like eating boogers (not that I would know what that's like!) I actually really liked them. What is it about soft, semi-squishy food that makes you think of sex?! Oysters, uni, escargot...

Cassoulet at La Sirene

For my main I chose the cassoulet, a very traditional (and hearty) French dish. This one came in a big pot with all the goodies underneath. On top, creamy cannelini beans sprinkled with a bit of grated cheese then baked, to form a crunchy top. Utter deliciousness. I have enough leftover to last me a couple of days and coincidentally, Alex bought two bottles of French wine the other night so I am so set for this evening.

Profiteroles at La Sirene

As if that wasn't enough - I had to go and order the profiteroles for dessert, of which I ate TWO. TWO gigantic profiteroles stuffed with vanilla ice cream and drenched in gooey, dark, bittersweet chocolate. I wanted to do a face dive and pass out in it but I managed to restrain myself.

I didn't mean to make myself a totally traditional French dinner but that's the good stuff. Afterwards we went to Tailor, a bar I've been wanting to go to. Very inventive, delicious cocktails. I had the Waylon, which was bourbon with smoked Coke. Very delicious and easy to drink. Some other examples:
Rabanadas: Brioche cachaca, raisin soda, cinnamon
Crumble: Brown butter rum, clove, poire
Tumbleweeds: Vodka, lemon, sagebrush tincture

The bar menu also looks delicious and interesting (in a good way) but we were much too stuffed to even look at it. Complementary curry popcorn as soon as you sit down.

Definitely coming back to these two spots.

***** 5 stars for deliciousness!

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ana dane said...

you can't NOT order profiteroles.

that's my life's ruling principle, anyway.