Saturday, January 24, 2009

Brown Eyed Girl

Brown Betty Cafe
Fulton & Grand Ave (Clinton Hill, BK)

24/341 2009 Old Typewriters at Brown Betty
Alexis: For brunch, we decided to check this place out, about a 5 minute walk from home. We were the only ones there for the most part but we were also pretty early. Tiny spot with maybe 5 tables - Jamaican-inspired menu.

Cod Fritters at Brown Betty
Alexis: Complimentary cod fritters to try. I'd wanted the bacalau dish with poached eggs and salad but this was the only cod they had. Not bad but not my choice of cooking.

Banana French Toast & Bacon at Brown Betty
Alexis: Alex ordered the French toast...

Alex: Ahhh, my brunch time favorite. You know I always go for the sweet stuff. So I ordered the Rum Rasin French toast. Oddly, I didn't taste or see rum or rasins. Don't fret, it was still delicious. It had a layer of cream cheese like filling it it, delish!

Eggs, Homefries & Chicken Apple Sausage at Brown Betty
Alexis: I ended up getting a standard brunch, eggs over easy with homefries and chicken apple sausage. I liked how the homefries were cooked - paper thin discs of potato cooked on one side so the underneath was super crunchy while leaving the top creamy. Will be back for the bacalau! We also got free mimosas for no reason - our food took a long time but we weren't stressing.

Alexis: ***1/2
Alex: ***

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