Monday, January 26, 2009

Tapas to console myself

Boqueria Soho
Spring St between Thompson & W. B'way

Boqueria Soho
Alexis: We finally checked this place out last night. Sunday at 6:30 - not too crowded. It's pretty roomy inside, with high stools and booths to sit at.

Lamb skewers and patatas bravas at Boqueria Soho
Alexis: We started with lamb skewers in lemon and cumin with salsa verde and patatas bravas. Both pretty solid. Beneath the lamb were little crostinis that soaked up the oil and sauces - yum!

Alex: Co-sign on what Alexis said. The lamb was tender and juicy and the bread sopped up all of the goodness. I love patatas bravas, perfectly crispy outsides and paprika to give them that awesome kick.

Jamon serrano and la serena cheese at Boqueria Soho
Alexis: Jamon serrano served on pan con tomato (best deal of the meal, I think) and La Serena cheese with raisin nut bread. Also some assorted olives for garnish. The jamon serrano was my favorite part of the meal, especially with the garlicky bread. The cheese was a little too plastic-gooey in consistency for me but I'd never tried it before so had no idea.

Alex: I thought this was a pretty typical bread and cheese plate, nothing too special, but all very tasty nonetheless.

Sweetbreads with cauliflower and blood orange at Boqueria Soho
Alexis: Sweetbreads atop cauliflower puree. The sweetbreads were coated in ground chickpea before frying, and also served with blood oranges and pickled cucumber. The flavors all worked well together but the sweetbreads were a bit stringy like they weren't cleaned well. I was sad because I love sweetbreads. We might've been better off ordering a seafood dish because tapas is also known for that.

Alex: I'm sorry, but I just can't get down with organs. The taste and texture are just not very pleasant to me. Even I could tell these things were a bit on the stringy / fibrous side. The blood oranges however were nice.

Churros con Chocolate at Boqueria Soho
Alexis: For dessert, churros con chocolate. The chocolate was thick and not too sweet - very delicious. But the churros were a bit too greasy. Are they still working the kinks out maybe? I'd come back in a couple months or so to check.

Alex: I was pretty excited to try this because it brought back memories of growing up in Texas. Well, these things here were nothing like that at all. The churros were dense, drenched in oil, and not very sweet.

Alexis: ***1/2
Alex: ***

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